Two Poems For Matthew Freeman

“To Matt Freeman”
By Thomas Park

Went to the psychiatrist last week
She was pleasant enough, friendly
Seemed interested most
When I confessed
To my 5% rage issue

Really? She asked, eyes wide,
This is the first time in 20 years
You’ve admitted to not being
Perpetually calm

I close my eyes, music
Fills the room, It’s

My memory of my Dr. shifts
She disappears into her
Suit, I don’t know
If she is getting smaller
Or it bigger

The clinic room somehow
Opens to the desert– It’s
Matt Freeman,
He’s leading a circle
Of people, holding hands

They turn to me, Matt
Looks up, sees beyond me
Sees my shrink
Knows what I am about to say

“Was she amused”, Matt asks,
“About the ‘always seeming calm thing’?”

In an utterly inoffensive way,
I feel that Matt, in his mild,
Slightly nasal voice, is
About to tell me,

“I told you so.”

“To Matt Freeman Part 2”
By Thomas Park

A liver may not forgive
But God can
A person who lacks
Today’s current mindless resolve
An intellectual
In a world afraid of books
Can we forgive, can God forgive
A discourse deeper
Than that of a college fraternity house
Worse, can we forgive, can God forgive
A man who is free
Until he forgives himself

There is a Door in the world
Not Death,
Calls out to you

Matt, can you forgive

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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