Often A Dream, Sometimes A Nightmare

I have to say that people who are mentally ill and sane people can have a lot in common.

I haven’t mentioned the disjointed nature of modernity recently here in this blog– things have gotten a bit more personal, and we’ve had some guest writers, as well.

The notion had been suggested that the pace of modern life is brutal enough that there are many who struggle to cope– be they mentally healthy or not.

From a more subjective point of view– a friend, who is, as far as I know, mentally sound, told me how his life was, once.

He said, roughly, “Oftentimes a dream, occasionally a nightmare.”

I can definitely identify with his description. With all of the technology and conveniences of life today, we can exist in dreamlike states much of the time, feeling relatively comfortable, things being as they should be.

It’s just that, now and then, things suddenly plunge and get worse, particularly for short periods of time.

It’s the same for me– though I am schizophrenic, life has that same general rhythm.

I am guessing that my friend and I are not alone.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

2 thoughts on “Often A Dream, Sometimes A Nightmare”

  1. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety but as of recently, I have been wondering if it could be more. Learning about the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia makes me question things that I feel such as when I hear people talking I swear my name is mentioned. I argue with my husband that his mom always waits until I leave to talk to him in secret about me, and he denies it. I also have been having these issues of hearing my name randomly, even so clear as to answer “yes?” in return. Every now and then I swear I hear my name clearly, but my kids don’t call me by my name, just mommy, and it’s just us three here. Looking for some advice, thanks in advance.


    1. Mrs. Johnston– of course, a lot of this blog talks about the fine line between sanity and insanity. That being said, there are particular sets of symptoms that doctors use to diagnose schizophrenia. If you are concerned, a psychiatrist should be able to administer the test– there are some questions to answer, and they help them to determine if you have a diagnosis. Though I am not a doctor, I would suggest that, if there is an issue, it would help to know– for example, there are certain medications that can specifically help schizophrenics. Good luck, and feel free to keep in touch.


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