Some Thoughts From Bob Nemtusak

I asked an old friend of mine, who happens also to be a writer who suffers from mental illness, to pen a few words about his impressions of sanity. Here is what he kindly offered:

“Self-analysis is a tricky thing.
Often enough, honesty is the best policy.
Often enough, it pays to speak your mind, and encourage others to do the same.
Then again, it’s a strange world.
Sometimes there’s pressure. Pressure, to “go along, to get along.” You can hunt high and low, for deep, meaningful, “soul to soul” conversation.
Often enough, you settle.
You settle for banter about weather.
Everybody’s experience has value.
Sure, it’s a comfort, in troubled times, to declare “the insane have taken over the asylum.” Or, if you’re a control freak, to demand a tightly-run asylum.
Truth is, nobody’s truth is any more or less valid, than the next guy’s.
For me, a sane world view takes work.
It takes being true to your self.
Indeed, it’s folly, for me, to use a word like “consensus.”
For instance.
The sky is either blue…or it isn’t.
No expert is going to change the sky’s color.
Anyway, that’s my opinion.
Some folks will disagree. They’ll say, the truth depends on opinion polls. And across four years of philosophy studies, I heard lots of opinions about—or excuses for—dancing around the truth.
But truth is such a loaded word.
I actually read where a rabbi says: he’ll take God, over the truth, any day.
Sounds right to me. It’s a comfort, knowing somebody knows better than me.”– 2018, Bob Nemtusak

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