A Note To The Sane

What would I like to say to those of you who are sane?

Life is not easy for anyone, and for sure we all face challenges. We all have our share of pain and uncertainty.

That being said, if you are mentally healthy, you are very fortunate.

You can count yourselves as part of a world community that basically “gets it”. You can realize that, when you perceive things, and when you react to them, you are displaying a general sense of stability.

You can start from the assumption that you are right about things– and you can go on from there.

There may be those who disagree with you, sane people.

But, when you go to your rest, you can know that you were deemed among those who knew about life, who saw things the right way, or at least who avoided being so eccentric that they were deemed sick.

So– to you who are whole in the head– I ask that you give yourselves a moment of appreciation. Life accepts you, and essentially accepts your perspective.

You are, in that respect, very lucky indeed.

When you speak a truth, may people believe it. When you cite a source, may people accept it. When you express a view, may people give it creedence. This is your world– it was written by others like you and will probably be handed to others who are like you, as well.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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