My Place In The Corner

I am not afraid of holidays, as some people are. I do not have seasonal affective disorder. I also have no special reason not to look forward to Christmas.

But, what can I say– it is true that being 46 and schizophrenic is different than being 12 and healthy– and this seems especially true on Christmas.

And that’s ok. Recent years, I am no longer the center of attention, making a huge pile of wrapping paper, and shouting about everything I open.


There is still a place for me, in the corner, from which I can watch the rest of my family celebrating.

I feel fortunate, just to be alive on this day, to be forgiven my sins by Christ, and to celebrate his birth with family.

My thoughts go to the sick, and, especially to those stuck outside, with nowhere warm to sleep or rest. May God protect them.

And to those alone, please realize– you are not really alone. You are just sitting in your own corner, like I will be, and many like me– and many like you.

I hope you can find peace nonetheless.

Merry Christmas!

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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