The Power To Deny

My schizophrenia has resulted in a certain type of sensitivity. I don’t want to indicate that reality has a formless, absurd quality– I don’t want to deny anything– or, at least, without affirming something else that is equally viable.

I have to end every phrase on an “up” note. I am afraid to seem negative, or to bring people down.

Through work experiences, and as a result of getting older, I am picking up a new technique– the power to deny.

Much can be accomplished in life by suggesting things, coming up with more and more ideas, and more and more encouragement.

At a certain point, a person has to negate things, as well.

In a work environment, since I often play a role of watcher– sitting quietly, observing a space, and making sure that everything stays as it should be, I find that my thoughts tend towards temptations. My point then is to deny those temptations.

Indeed, for many periods of time, I seem to be conceiving of temptations, and simply nullifying them using my mind and will-power.

Thoughts that don’t help need to be eradicated, before they are realized.

That is why I often exercise– my “Power To Deny”.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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