Like A Strange Beacon

I have been involved with creating art in various forms for about 2 decades.

For the most part, I write music. I also paint, create prints, write poetry, essays, record field recordings, and other things.

In the past few months something interesting was revealed to me.

My main music act, “Mystified”, was a long-term project. It lasted about 17 years. Throughout this time period, I created dark, abstract soundscapes. My main genre was drone music, though I also made ambient, dark ambient, experimental electronica, industrial, and other varieties.

During that whole time, I never mentioned (at least, in any direct fashion), that I have schizophrenia. I did notice that many independent and/or underground projects made references to mental health issues– and I may have, too, in some oblique fashion now and then– but, I just assumed this was considered the norm for people who were into dark or counter-cultural musics.

When I admitted publicly to my condition, a few months ago, a good number of my fellow artists and friends admitted that they, too, had either schizophrenia or something similar. Many of these people were my most loyal followers. They were the ones that were most supportive, especially on social media.

It’s a mystery, but somehow, a good number of the schizophrenic artists ended up in the same social circle. The internet was our firepit, and our illness seemed to be like a strange beacon that summoned us all to one place.

I wonder why that is? Maybe this blog is partly about me trying to figure that out.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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