A Crazy Idea About The Sun

Since I am schizophrenic, I have lots of weird ideas. Here is one that occurred to me while cleaning house, that gave me hope:

The answer to a lot of our problems, and to general scarcity, might well involve harvesting the heat and power of the sun. Our sun provides large amounts of various forms of energy continuously.

Essentially, if we convert the thermal power of the sun to potential energy, which is so very simple to do, we have created a limitless flow of relatively free power.

We can do this.

What are the obstacles? Mainly, changing the energy grid over is problematic.

Perhaps if we started on a state level, offering incentives state by state to institute at least, say, 95% solar energy within a certain time frame. That might create a sense of friendly competition.

How do we finance this changeover? It’s pretty huge. Why not create a new form of currency? It could be like a bond, in which the actual value of the currency could exist in future energy yields. Something like a Watt-buck.

It people can create currencies like bit-coin, they can create currencies that invest in and (very quickly) profit from renewable energy.

How to convince the skeptics? Show them the projections, give them something to invest in.

Changing to solar power could make a huge positive impact on this planet, and that is something we sorely need. 

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

2 thoughts on “A Crazy Idea About The Sun”

  1. I have often thought about solar power. Every time I see Jay Leno I wish I could chat with him for his solar secrets. The power company pays him for the use of his solar power. Maybe one house on each block can set up solar energy for the entire block and the neighbors can pay for the costs of materials.

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