Memory Loss

The mind certainly has its mysteries.

I think my mind had fewer of them before I started experimenting with drugs. In fact, some might suggest that my collegiate substance abuse contributed to or led to my schizophrenia. (Though that is a hotly contested topic. Many folks don’t want to admit that pot and/or acid can be harmful).

Back when I smoked pot every day, I developed a problem. I lost much of my short-term memory.

People might suggest that that is not big deal, and that the euphoria and other pleasing effects of smoking dope make the drug worth it.

But, believe me. . .

As soon as I did something I knew I had to remember, I would silently scream it to myself, repeatedly, for example– “MY KEYS ARE IN MY COAT! MY KEYS ARE IN MY COAT!”.

I wrote a lot of stuff down. I had to– I thought it would all be wiped clean from my pot-riddled brain. Luckily, I usually could read my own notes– though even I occasionally found my handwriting to be inscrutable.

Luckily, marijuana-induced short-term memory-loss does not seem to be permanent, at least for me.

I quit using drugs, got cleaned up, and worked on improving my powers of focus and concentration.

Nowadays, I am as often the one who remembers, as the one who forgets.

I have found my wife’s keys for her a number of times. Whenever it happens, it’s like a ray of light appears from above– “Oh my God! I remembered! I can remember things!”

Hallelujah, Amen.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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