A State Of Readiness

As a person with schizophrenia who has tried to re-assimilate, I have had some interesting experiences. One involves a state of readiness.

Live tends to throw a person things they don’t expect. Sometimes, sure, a person might not even feel like they deserve them– for better or worse.

To seek health, I had to cultivate a sense of readiness. I had to train myself to be prepared for things that I could not predict or control.

For someone like me, that can be hard. I am a very habit-forming person. Ask my wife.

That being said, being prepared is really redemptive.

The two most helpful forces in my life– my job and my wife, are helpful to a large degree in that they break my patterns up. They throw me curves. Thanks to them, I have learned that I am able to react to sudden problems and new issues without panicking.

When schizophrenics isolate, they often settle into a kind of predictable medicated haze. This is accentuated by television, the internet, cigarettes, cheap booze, and so forth.

The way to get better is to get out and experience life. And, let’s face it– that won’t always be easy. A person has to learn to roll with the unknown.

In short, you have to do the opposite of what many health care professionals might recommend, protective as they can be. You have to leave your nest and fly a bit.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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