Problematic Assertions

I have touched on the issue of the “imperfect narrator”. Most views of the modern person suggest that people, in modernity, have self-awareness. Probably people have been self-aware throughout history, but due to the nature of modernity, with overpopulation, increased communication capabilities, and other phenomena, we are now more conscious of ourselves, and we know that we have limitations.

Mentally ill people, especially, often develop a practical sense of humility, due to issues specific to them and how they are regarded.

A modern man who viewed himself as King Louis XIV would be laughed at, and probably sent to treatment. We are just people– we do what we can. We make mistakes. God may move us, He may animate us, but we are– well, “common”.

This is all well and good, but the issue arises that, at times, an assertion must be made. There is an issue, perhaps– a person sees an answer, or a better way. They want to share that answer.

Because they are fallible, because they are steeped in a pool with so many others, their voices are drowned. Nothing changes. The are not King Louis, to change their nation by edict (even if they imagined they were). They are, for what it’s worth, just citizens.

I remember when a number of protests were erupting in Saint Louis, concerning the death of a young man by the gun of a police officer. I supported the protests, in a way, at first. After several weeks, I started to think that the people involved should probably leave the streets and meet at a discussion table with the police and other politicos.

When I recommended this (and, of course, it was in the troubled forum of social media), I was met with some agreement, and a lot of negative energy. Suffice it to say, that just because I thought of a possible answer– it had no tangible result.

That seems pretty obvious, in retrospect. It does, however, raise the question– for a modern person, and particularly one with schizophrenia, whose views have been doubted in the past– if some productive or pro-active point were to be made– how would this be done? We see ourselves in this reduced sense, perhaps even as figures of camp. Who are we to address the world’s problems?

If we found a solution– who would listen?

Author: mystified13

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