My Wife

I have schizophrenia, yes. I am fortunate that a nice woman married me anyway, knowing that this was the case. In fact, I told her very early on in our relationship about my condition, and she accepted me.

My wife is a type who roots for underdogs.

Lately I have noticed that she helps me in ways that are hard to explain, yet are nearly essential.

For example, on my own, I tend to go on and on. One thing leads to another in my mind. Before long, I am getting lost in a maze of thoughts, ranting silently to myself, or, worse, talking to myself.

A lot gets done this way. I am a man who likes to do things, at this point in my life.

When my wife comes home, life returns to sanity. My thoughts slow down. I start to evaluate my impressions more clearly. My limits are re-established– and, believe it or not, this is very helpful. I need to know where I can’t go with things, where they are too extreme or unnatural.

She helps me with this. She does this, I think, just be being herself– without even having to try.

We do have our ups and downs. I get very angry on occasion, and this is hard on her. I also hear voices, and she has seen my talk to myself– another thing that is hard for her to deal with.

I am very glad we are still together. I hope we will be for the long haul– frankly, I am not sure what I would do without her.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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