Redundancy And Humor

I have mentioned that my wife feels that my creative impulses tend towards the redundant. There are many examples of this.

I was looking through some reviews of my music back in the 2006-2008 era, and noticed that one reviewer at Vital Weekly (an underground review newsletter), became increasingly frustrated with the similarities between my many releases.

I found some humor in this. I created a video, in which I read the reviewer’s words, and responded with mini-reviews of his reviews. I included samples of the music on these releases, so that you can hear how consistent they are.

To me, when something works, I do it again and again until I grow tired of it (and this can take awhile). That may very well be a symptom of my schizophrenia– that I don’t crave the continuous variety that many do. I find predictability to be reassuring.

Or, it may just be part of my personality type.

Either way, it really seemed to irritate the reviewer at Vital Weekly (and it continues to annoy my wife).

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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