2 thoughts on “Document”

  1. I use archive.org a lot for the books and declassified files, so I check it a few times a day, came across your blog from your post there. My following comment is a copy of my comment on your archive.org post:

    “So much of what you described, and how you described it, resonated with me, around 90%. Growing up, I was heavily involved in music, then joined the Army, did 8 years & 2 deployments before medically discharging 3 years ago. About 3 months after discharging, without much foreknowledge at all about psychedelics/entheogens, I did “DMT” (“DMT: The Spirit Molecule” based on Rick Strassmans research/book is on Netflix) and had an out of body/altered state of consciousness experience, then few months after that, had my first LSD experience. Both experiences were very spiritual & enlightening, completely changed me and every aspect of everything, and then some, resulted in major shifts of interests; past 2 years I’ve changed into something I never would have imagined. I really appreciate you sharing your words with us, I look forward to seeing more. I’ll close with a book recommendation, can find it on thriftbooks.com or here on the Archive by searching “Holographic Universe”, it’s by Michael Talbot, may be worth checking out. Much love, you’re not alone.”


    1. Thank you for your interesting remarks. You have an intriguing story. The stresses of life and use of psychedelic chemicals can indeed transform one’s life. I hope you will feel free to follow my blog here and comment as often as you like. You are welcome here.


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