As a schizophrenic living alone on various forms of government assistance, you might think I had little to worry about. The checks came in every month, and everything was taken care of.

However, there were very real concerns.

One involved government shutdown. Whenever the Feds would start talking about the debt ceiling, and the government would shut down, there were suggestions that Social Security checks would not go out. And when that monthly check is basically all you get (and you are living month to month), that creates a real issue.

A second big fear was of assessments. Every few years, Social Security would request that the awards recipient undergo a new series of considerations, to ascertain whether or not they could continue receiving SSDI money. In other words, were they “sick enough” or “the right kind of sick” to get the monthly checks.

I would count the months until these assessments, worrying that I would be found to be too healthy to get help, and wondering if I was able, that being the case, to return to work.

Now that I am employed and earn my own income, I am much more confident about the money I receive. I am no longer at the financial edge, looking into oblivion. I even have a modest savings.
It is a great relief.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

One thought on “Fears”

  1. It is scary to be dependent on the government. I’m disabled and have the same fears. Especially under a trump administration, where so much is at stake. Glad your life is a little more secure.


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