In previous posts, I wrote about the disjointed nature of modernity– how people have to quickly move from one type of environment to another. This can be difficult for anyone, and I admitted that, with my schizophrenia, it can be especially tricky for me.

Thoughts like these led to an artistic collaboration. I composed a set of three poems, called “Disjointed”. A friend of mine, the very talented poetess Amanda Wells, lent her voice to the lines. I dubbed her readings over some of my music and added moving images from my hard drive.

Here is the result:

Disjointed 1- “City Blocks”

Delmar Divide
Radical income discrepancy
Time partition, bandwidth
Empty or full, block by block
Sitcoms or spreadsheets
Building by building
Supply sedation, entertainment
Complicit to veiled agenda
Broken reflection, modern person
Haunting soundbytes, profiles, series
Accept the situation, find
Lucrative opportunity
Get with the program
Take the offered hand, find peace
Or live on in pain and need

Disjointed 2—“Underwater”

Underwater houses
Mutilation wave
Surf murder
Subsiding waters peaceful
An entire kingdom lives
Under the sea
With ecosystems
Hotels of coral
Plastic dumps
Garbage LaGrange points
Gentle giants, whales
Pass through the salty depths
Avoiding the land
Or larger ships
Civilian, military
Bearing commerce, toxic oil
Subsurface pipelines
Sonic booms
Survey the change in tides
The change in sea

Disjointed 3—“Superman”

Desired connection
Digits, mobile device
Broken eye contact
Notify with sound or vibration
Split persona, public, private
Network doppelganger
Send my digital ghost
To haunt your house
To save your life, protect
Your young, There is
A ringing tone, a flash
Of light, it’s just your

Special thanks to Amanda for agreeing to collaborate, and for doing such a great job with the material. I hope that people find it to be enjoyable and worthwhile.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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