Very Strange Ideas

Being a schizophrenic, I am sensitive to the fact that some of my ideas might be taken as false– that I my thoughts might be held into question. I don’t like thinking that, but I do admit that it is probably a good idea– not only for me, but for people in general– that thoughts are considered before they are accepted as truth.

I have heard some interesting notions myself, and am often not sure if the people who voiced them were mentally ill or not.

My wife and I shared a cab after a trip, and the cab driver insisted that Hillary Clinton was one of many “reptile” people. He felt that the reptile people came from somewhere other than the Earth, and that they intended to take over the planet.

I hear lots of political and financial ideas. One man told me at great length that a network of banks controls the world, not governments. He listed several tie-ins that suggested that major events were related to the monetary decisions of banking institutions, though most of us did not know this.

Another man I came across, who later admitted that he had been in a motorcycle accident, told a coworker at that there was some kind of tax conspiracy here in our hometown and it had to do with the courts. People were being bilked out of millions of dollars.

When people have theories like these, and share them– I notice some
commonalities. One is that they tend to go on for some time about them. The ideas were obviously formed in solitude, where they grew quite complex and elaborate. Another is that they always have lots of evidence– loads of it.

It is as if, at the end of hearing these monologues, no matter who we are, we have no choice but to agree that the theories are indeed fact.

Either there are a lot of sane people out there with false ideas or there are lots of schizophrenics– more than one might expect.

Author: mystified13

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