The Voices Are Real. . . Or Are They?

Did I tell you about how I tried to explain that the voices I hear are real?
One mistake I made, when I did this, was that I quoted the Bible. When a schizophrenic person quotes the Bible, a lot of times that is a bad sign. People start to shake their heads, even walk away in disbelief.

The Bible mentions certain spiritual gifts, such as the abilities to perform miracles and to prophecy (1 Corinthians 12:8–10). If a miracle is possible, what isn’t? Additionally, many Biblical figures mention hearing the “voice of God”. Did they hear an audible voice? Was it a thought? Or were they just schizophrenic?

After all, the voices can be very uncanny, and their resemblance to the sounds and thoughts of people I know are so close as to often be convincing. How could this chatter be something I made up? Is my mind that creative?

Humans sense more than we let on. I can tell when my wife is upset, and perceive others of her moods, fairly easily. And its more than just body language, by the way– there are things about a person’s presence that we experience without acknowledging. I would have to say they have to do with a spiritual reality.

If we can sense things as ephemeral as moods and emotions, who is to say that certain sensitives can’t hear thoughts, or voices, of others?

When I made an attempt to explain my theory with my psychiatrist (a very helpful and friendly woman), she immediately increased my daily dosage of Risperdal.

Author: mystified13

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One thought on “The Voices Are Real. . . Or Are They?”

  1. There are billons of people hearing voices and talking openly about them and to them. Some are from polytheistic religion, some not. Is there any difference from that sort of irrationality/need in ones life from making something up on your own that serves a similar purpose? Maybe the voices are as valid as any other kind of “prayer”.. .. there are young people suspicious and debating the validity of.. Everything. I personally find.. No matter if your a child or adult the kind of things adults will subject you too if those voices arent from their communitys accepted religions or belief often horrifying to say the least. Im from canada. We just finished murdering a shit fuck tone of native kids for not validating our countrys attempt to convert them. They likely heared voices we didnt agree with. We killed them for being sick.. Children and adults. There was extreem sexual violence.. The horror. If you are young, do yourself a favor and read some damn books. There are three world main religions. Be aware of the fact that you maybe not as crazy as you like to think. dont agree with what you see in a book?; Stop taking it personal. Your only hurting yourself. Some people dont know their prisoners of psychological war. Being young and without strong communication skills makes it frustrating to have to defend yourself when your own beliefs are attacked by community.. And its not easier to just submit. What deserve you more? A psychic? A psycho? A psychiatrist? A priest? If you have faith or distrust in any of them… 🙂 than yes.. They can up your meds, order an exorcist, try to extract the future from you.. Or maybe they find out your onto them. My country has done an amazing job covering up the deaths and genocide here.. We shut down our last conversion school in 1992; My birth year. Were finding mass grave yards all the time of the kids that were abused and tortured for the wrong kinds of religion they partook in. Watch us make it seem like an eternity ago now. ..
    You arent a wrench about to stall the machine just because your frustrated that things can look ugly. The reality of martyrdom has always been a thing. And yeah; it drives people bonkers. Grow a thick skin or medicate anyway your community believes in. My uncle had schizophrenia. He recieved electro shock from the like 60’s. He was made a vegetable. He just died last year. He didnt know his own family the damage was that severe.. There’s more than one way to skin a cat kids. Stay close to what you believe in or start thinking for yourself before its too late. ..

    Thanks mystified for this post 5yrs ago. I googled “the voices are real” to find my way here. I wish I knew better how to say anything that could put the light on what the fuck is really happening to people.. But notice its only the wheels that need oil that scream out. Chin up.


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