Radical Doubt

Looking back on many of my posts, and thinking about the world we live in today, a possible coping mechanism would be to institute a practice of “radical doubt”.

By this, I don’t mean a person should abandon all faith.

I think they should consider what they sense– and how to respond– before they believe in the authenticity of things. If they read an article in the paper, they need to ask who wrote it, and from what point of view. If they see an image, it is important that a person knows if they are getting a complete and accurate picture from it. Video footage, too– any media– can be doctored.

This comes from a paranoid schizophrenic, so you may choose to dismiss it. And that is fine, if you do, it’s your decision. But I do know that I apply a rigor to my own thoughts and impressions, and definitely filter what I take in– and disregard a great deal of it.

In my own experience, there really isn’t that much to know, of the things that a person can know at all.

To me, radical doubt makes a person mature. It differentiates a child from an adult. It is also what kids see in their parents that they fear or make fun of. Using radical doubt, though, isn’t really being a “stick in the mud”. A person can doubt many things and still believe in the important ones.

If there is any hope for this world, intelligent people need to question what they take in and establish their own realities. They then can react to the world’s changing and confusing stimuli effectively.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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