In Public

I wanted to add a quick post from work.

I am at my full-time job now. I feel nearly symptom free, and calm but alert. It has been nice to help quite a few people with their technological needs today.

I feel whole– almost sane.

The fears and blurred reality thoughts from my other posts seem especially paranoid from this perspective. These issues, and issues like them, have retreated to the background. That must be because my other posts were all written in my home environment. I usually write in solitude, now I am in the company of others, and have a role to play.

Having a job demands steady attention, and awareness. This is a great help to my schizophrenia. Work is not always easy, but I would definitely recommend it to many more mid- to high- functioning schizophrenics.

Take a chance, work alongside the sane. Help others. Heal yourselves.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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