Talking To Myself

As I have mentioned, my main symptom is that I hear voices.

Usually, I am able to recognize that they are just thoughts in my head. On occasion, though, when I am alone, I start to vocalize words– to converse back and forth with myself.

This must seem strange to people, and when my wife discovers me doing this, coming home unawares, or hearing me in the shower, I feel ashamed. Encountering another person, a living breathing human, reminds me that the voices are like pretend ghosts, and that it is silly for me to acknowledge them.

Being in the company of others is one of the best remedies for the voices. The tendency for schizophrenics to isolate can be tragic, as that tends to be one of the worst things we can do. We lose focus, loosen our grip(s). We drift off, our symptoms begin to appear.

Sometimes when I am working, or moving about in public, I come across people who verbalize their voices freely, even when others are around. I feel bad for these people, though I know how that can happen.

I would conjecture that a keener awareness of the presence of others, and its significance, might help these people to become more still, to calm or silence the impulses that compel them to speak out loud to themselves.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

4 thoughts on “Talking To Myself”

      1. I get a lot of questions about, how can I tell if I “hear” or “think” the voices. I believe they are thoughts for me, but this is hard to explain. It’s too bad we can’t spend a few minutes in each others’ minds.


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