Trying To Be A “Guru”

I am still not sure what triggered my schizophrenia, back in my mid-20’s. A good guess might be that the use of a lot of LSD over a relatively short period of time was part of the problem.

Even people without the gene for mental illness admit that recreational drugs can blur the line between reality and illusion. The experience of tripping on acid can be very powerful, at times terrifying, and is definitely not recommended for people who are mentally ill (or who have mental illness in their families). In fact, I would not recommend taking LSD to anyone.

Why did I take the LSD? I had gone off to school, and was on my own. My social status slipped a bit. I was no longer the big high school scholar, but on a campus with thousands of top notch academic types. Drugs were readily available and– I wanted to become a guru.

I wanted to become wise in the ways of the various levels of reality– to walk through the “doors of perception”. I wanted to be able to explain to people the way life really is. To have a legitimate perspective that transcended the everyday.

I learned eventually that LSD only helps to unhinge the mind. If anything, it makes it harder to understand higher levels of thought, at least in any constructive way.

Furthermore, gurus are people who others appoint to that status due to their wisdom- not people who simply quaff many hits of liquid acid and go on trips.

Whether or not the acid caused my diagnosis, I certainly regret taking it, and am completely clean of such drugs at this point. And I am grateful to be clean.

Author: mystified13

Sole member of Mystified and Mister Vapor.

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